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English speaking estate agent in Istria  Telephone number of Bez brige d.o.o for English  = 00385 (0) 91 3080807

Croatain and english speaking estate agent in istria   Telephone number of Bez brige d.o.o for Croatian  = 00385 (0) 91 3080806

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There are many reasons for for property management and having your house or apartment maintained throughout the year as well as the main summer renting months. Here are some of the things that we deal with as your property management agency. All of the problems were resolved and it just goes to show why you need your Istria property looking after and why you need a 24 hour call out service for your guests.

Medulin property management

Called at 11.30 pm, because the television doesn't work, the batteries had finished in the remote control

Complaints from the neighbours about to much noise  and they were threatening calling the police.

Complaint from neighbours about guests sitting in the pool in a plastic chair.

Complaints from neighbours about sun tan lotion spilt around the swimming pool

Rovinj property management.

Called at midnight, the guest were lost in Rovinj and had a little to much to drink, talked them safely back to the apartment.

Waiting 3 hours for meeting and greeting the guests as the bus was late from Trieste and the guests did not have a mobile phone.

Waiting  4 hours for meeting and greeting with guests as the boat from Venice was cancelled .

Took guests to Rovinj to catch the boat to Venice, only for it to be cancelled

Pjescana Uvala  property management

Guests got pneumonia.

Guests got an allergy and had to be taken to hospital

Break in and burglary in one of the properties, police reports and insurance forms needed to be completed.

New kitchen bough for owners of Pjescana Uvala apartment in their absence

New patio doors for owners of Pjescana Uvala apartment in their absence

Peroj property management

New kitchen, all furniture bought and installed for owners of Peroj apartment in their absence

Central Istria and  villa and houses  property management

Arranging for the winter wood supply  to be delivered.

Dealt with police reports following a  theft from  guests

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The Bez brige Istria property management web site is updated and checked on the 1st of each month. If you have any questions or would like more information on how Bez brige d.o.o can help you manage your property in Istria then contact us now info@bez-brige.com

Bez brige d.o.o is a fully licensed real estate agency under Croatia's Real Estate agency law effective April 27th 2009

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The Bez brige d.o.o property management in Istria agency was established in 2006. If you have any questions about property management in Istria you can contact is at info@bez-brige.com